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Hi, I'm Chris

I will show you how to build your WordPress blog, monetize it and create the lifestyle of your dreams.


By actually doing it myself first!


I will document every step that I’m taking to build my blog from scratch, build up a thriving community and monetize my blog through different monetization techniques and eventually move from the Netherlands to Thailand, to live with my wife.


Learn more about me

It’s not about the money, but about the lifestyle

Whether you want to spend more time with your family or travel the world fulltime, as long as you set up the right systems, you can do this from your laptop, from any place in the world

Here’s how I’m going to do it

phase 1

Find a small or medium niche topic that interest you. Do some research to find if there are enough products/services to talk about.

phase 2

Set up your blog. It doesn’t have to be big here, we will focus on content first and building your audience.

phase 3

Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing and other streams of income like ads.

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