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Are you tired of living your life on other people’s terms?

And ready to design and live the life of your dreams by building your blog and online business?


We are taught to get a degree, go work for a decent salary and if we’re lucky enough, save some money for a great holiday.

But what if that isn’t the road for you?

What if I told you, that it is possible to build an online blog business around something that’s called your passion?

And all you need to start is just a laptop with an internet connection and some fuel to hustle your butt off…


Are you feeling overwhelmed on all of the stuff that needs to get done?
Where do you even begin? Do you need a WordPress blog or a SquareSpace blog?
What is Google analytics? What plugins do you need to install? And what are some of the best WordPress themes out there?

Well, that is where I come in…

I’m not the next blog expert or internet marketing Guru,
I’m just passionate about helping you


This blog, The Bedroom Startup, will be my place where I will guide you step by step on how to build a professional blog from Scratch.
I will be upfront with you though, I will mainly focus on WordPress as the blogging platform. Although most of the tips and tricks I’ll be sharing will also apply if you’re using another platform.

Here’s how I’m going to help you:


  • I’m going to share practical strategies, that I will implement myself. Just to show you how it works and what the results are.
  • Each month, I will post my personal blog Traffic and Income report. Because when you’re going to build something, tracking is everything.
  • Through my Youtube channel, I will share tutorial video’s and also answer your questions.
  • I’m also building up my Email list because I would love to get to know you even better and through email, I will keep you posted on my wins and failures. (So don’t forget to sign up for my email list, I won’t bite).
  • I will also provide you with practical, downloadable worksheets, wherever possible. So that you don’t have to spend your time creating them yourself.


Are you already fired up?

Ok then here’s a bit more about me:

Thank you for still being here, I really appreciate it.

So, as you know by now, my name is Chris Verhoeven, I’m 34 years old and I live in a small country in Europe, called the Netherlands.

Do you remember I  just talked about finding your BIG WHY? Well for me that is the woman in the picture above.
Or to even narrow it down a bit more, the ability to move to Thailand and live our lives together over there.

At this very moment, I’m working a 9-5 in a production company. Although this doesn’t sound that special, I want to emphasize that I love it there and if it wasn’t for my dream goals, I would probably work there until my retirement.

But destiny’s calling and thus I started to invest my time into online marketing and specifically blogging.

And that is the best way of getting started if you ask me. You might be ok with your current circumstances and take life for granted. But what if I would tell you that you are meant to be and do more in life?

I believe we only have 1 life and we should take nothing for granted.


10 Random facts about me

  • I’m kind of an introvert, although with writing on the internet, it doesn’t seem to bother me
  • I was born with a higher mouth palate, which makes my voice sound quite awkward.
  • I made my first 6 affiliate sales last year (2016), before actually having a blog.
  • As a kid, I was always looking for ways to make some extra money. From selling on markets, selling pre-recorded cassette tapes to modifying Xbox 360’s and fixing computers.
  • I’m 12 years younger than my wife.
  • I launched this blog already in September of 2016 but took it offline after 1 month. (being a perfectionist won’t get you anywhere closer to your goals.)
  • I always try to keep everybody happy. Which makes it tough to choose for myself, But I’m working on that.
  • Although some people may think I’m a dreamer and that this blog will never become a success, I know it will.
    This isn’t me being over confident. Just because I know that by having the right mindset and the right intentions, I can achieve anything I want.
  • I’m paying off my debts at this moment. That is just part 1 of achieving my goals. Moving to Thailand is my next big goal.
    But becoming successful takes baby steps.
  • I’ve started multiple blogs before this one and now I realize it takes hard work if I actually want this to happen.


What I’m trying to show you is that I’m not perfect.
And I hope you’ll be ok with that.

Let’s just connect and achieve big things together.


Yours truly,


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About picture from the bedroom startup

Hi, I'm Chris and through this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what I'm doing to become a professional blogger.

My goal is basically to start a blog from scratch, monetize it and move from the Netherlands to Thailand.

And making lots of blogger friends along the way.

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