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Would you like to build a blog and online business around it, make a good income with that and design your own lifestyle?


Hi, my name is Chris and I’m here to show you exactly how I’m building my blog from scratch.

0 posts, 0 traffic, and 0 income.

Just a big dream and the willingness to achieve that.
And I’m not talking about building a 6- or 7-figure business because it’s not about the money, but creating freedom and living life on your own terms.

Think about this for a moment… If you could live your life on your own terms, what would you do? With who would you spend your time? Where would you live?

I want you to think good about what it is that you love doing, and find a blog/business model around that.


Just to be transparent with you, I’m not talking about building a website and wake up on the Bahamas every day.

I don’t believe in getting rich while you’re sleeping. Although it should be your goal to monetize your online presence through passive income. But it doesn’t stop here.

You can think about creating content about a specific product and use affiliate marketing for example. Or even create your own digital products like courses or ebooks and sell them to your fans.

But where most people fail is that they focus too much on the money. What happens is they start out and expect to make lots of money right from the start. And when that doesn’t happen soon enough, they give up.

So how will you succeed? By focusing on the end result first and work backward. Meaning, how would your life look like if you could live your dream life? And be practical…

You don’t need to make millions of dollars to live life on your own terms. All you need to know is where you are heading and a strategy to get there. 

Who am I and what are my big goals?

As I’ve mentioned before, my name is Chris Verhoeven. I’m 35 years old and live in the Netherlands.

But that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that my wife lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

I started this blog and build my online presence to give myself an at-bat to move from the Netherlands to Thailand in the near future.

Currently, I work a 9-5 and love it there. But it requires my physical presence to get paid a monthly salary.
And that’s where the beauty of an online business comes in.

So to be clear, I don’t do this to wake up on the beach in Thailand every day, nor to buy myself a Lamborghini to show off.

I know this is why lots of people are skeptical about making money online.

And that’s the reason why I chose to do it this way: Not claiming to be the expert on blogging, but instead showing you how I would do it all from the start.

Then it’s up to you to decide if you think I’m good enough and worth your time.

I’m here to show you all about:

  • how to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress because if you’re serious about it, you do want all the freedom that comes with a self-hosted blog.
  • How to grow your blog traffic and also Pinterest will be a great asset.
  • How to monitor and take steps to get more people to know about your blog
  • What are the best books on online business to read?
  • Once you’ve build your first niche blog, start other ones to do the same and build up your passive income.

And the most valuable things will be my results:

  • Each month I will share my blog growth reports for my different niche blog projects. Here you will learn more about how many visitors I get, the income that comes in and how much money I spent on the specific blog.
  • We will deep dive into my Google analytics and Search Console to find out exactly where my traffic is coming from and what I can do to improve my results.
  • The things that worked out perfect, but also the things that didn’t.




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