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My very first Blog traffic and Income report

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Traffic and Income report | 4 comments

Welcome to my very first blog traffic and income report.

If you already know my blog, it will make perfect sense why I’m sharing these kinds of reports with you.

If you’re totally new to the Bedroom Startup… then first of all Welcome! And second, on this blog, I will share my personal journey on building a profitable blog and with that in mind, sharing my growth in traffic and income made through it, is the best way to do that.

Although I think it’s awesome to have you here with my very first report, I want you to know that you can expect a new report every first Saturday of the month.

If you want to keep track of the growth of your blog, it's important to know where you are starting from. So in this post, I will share my first blog traffic and income report.

What are blog traffic and income reports?

If you’re totally new to the blogging scene and never read any of those reports, blog traffic and income reports are basically posts where bloggers share their growth in visitors and the money made through their blog.

And since I’ll be sharing everything that I’m doing to get this blog off the ground and share my growth, I couldn’t give you much less than that, can I?

There are a few great examples of people who currently still share them and some great ones who recently quit posting them.
If you’re familiar with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who is the owner and blogger of Making Sense of Cents, you’ve already seen one of hers. She started sharing hers a few years ago and her reports are what inspired me to want to share mine.

Also, this inspiring Biz owner Melyssa Griffin, who started her blog The Nectar Collective and rebranded over to Melyssa shares hers and I think those are very interesting because she also creates a lot of online courses.

And if you’re all into food, then you might be familiar with Pinch of Yum, am I right? Well if you’re into food blogs, this is one of those great examples where Lindsay and her husband Bjork started to share theirs. But recently they stopped sharing them. But if you’re planning on creating a food blog, I would highly suggest to check them out.

Although some of you might think it’s insane to share your income, but it’s all about being transparent. These days more and more people are starting their blogs or even Youtube channels with the intention of making money with it. And by sharing my blog traffic and income reports I hope to give you a realistic behind-the-scenes of how I’m doing it with my blog.

What exactly will I be sharing with you in my blog traffic and income report?

Ok, so before I will go into all of the numbers, I will tell you a bit more of what we’ll be looking at.

Things like page views and unique visitors are great, but there are a lot more statistics that are important. Especially since I’ll be focusing on getting you back here time and time again and thus want you to become a loyal reader.

I’m a big fan of this tv show called Banshee. I got hooked on it since their very first episode and they got my attention. Ever since I watched every single episode that aired every week. That is something I want to achieve with my blog too.

Website traffic:

When it comes down to website traffic, this is what I’ll be sharing with you:

  • monthly website visits.
  • Unique visitors.
  • Page views.
  • Referral traffic, meaning how do people end up on my blog.
  • Most visited pages/posts.

I will use only Google Analytics to track these numbers, because that is the industry standard and by using 1 source, you will get the best results.

Social Media:

Since social media is an important element of growing your name, I will also share my social media growth. Now, I did have my social media channels already set up long before I launched my blog. So I already have some following on there, even though it’s not big.
I will tell you that I don’t care that much about the number of followers, but more about the engagement from those people. Because that’s how you build relationships.

  • Facebook followers
  • Twitter followers
  • Pinterest analytics, like followers, monthly reach, etc.
  • Instagram followers and engagement.


One of the most important things that I want to grow is my email list. Although I don’t have a good freebie just yet, I’m planning to launch it this month.

I will be creating content upgrades, that are freebies that go with certain posts to get more people onto my email list.
And I’ll be using Convertkit to host my email lists.

Blog income and expenses:

Now we’ve come to the fun part. As you know, my goal is to become a professional blogger my big goal is to move to Thailand. But to be able to achieve this big dream goal of mine, I do need to make an income from this blog.

So I’ll be sharing with you exactly how much money I make every month through this blog.

I’ll be starting out with Affiliate marketing. This is by far the easiest way to start and I already made a few sales since September of last year. And that was even without launching this blog. I will share those numbers below..

But although it’s great to make money here and there, it also costs money. So I will also share exactly on what things I’ve spent money that month. But I will only share the amounts that come in and go out that specific month.

For example, for my hosting, I will pay once a year. So that money I will only show the specific month I will pay for it. Not spread it out each month, because that’s not what’s happening.

When starting the idea for the bedroom startup, I opened up a separate bank account, a business Paypal account and purchased a prepaid debit card. Everything that goes out or comes in, will be through those accounts.

Blog and business goals:

Every month I will share with you what my goals will be for the coming month. And in each report, we will look back at the goals set in the previous month. This is a great way to stay accountable even in times I’m not too much motivated.

And please, feel free to let me know if you think I can do better or if you think I was not on point some time.
I really love feedback from you and if you’re missing something and would like me to include it in my reports, I will.


Now let’s get into the actual traffic and income report itself…

I launched this blog last Sunday on the 28th of May. Before I will show my Google Analytics numbers, you might wonder how I got that many people to visit my site from the very first beginning.

As I’ve mentioned, I was planning this blog for a long time before I actually launched and from the very beginning, I already setup and started to use Twitter, participate actively in Facebook groups and even made some friendships along the way.

So when looking at those numbers, keep that in mind. And I also mentioned my blog on my personal Facebook profile. So people who know me personally, are also in those numbers.

Google Analytics:

Since this is my very first traffic and income report, I will only share the numbers from the day I launched this blog up until now, Monday the 5th of June. And in the next report, I will share the numbers from the 6th of June until the 30th of June.

General numbers:
Users: 96
Total number of page views: 326
Average Session Duration: 03:36
Average pages visit per session: 2.49
Bounce Percentage: 48.09%

Netherlands: 53
United States: 40
Australia: 6
Philipines: 5
Germany, United Kingdom and Greece: 3
Canada, Switzerland and India: 2

Where does the traffic come from:
99 out of the 131 sessions came in through Social channels, which were 84 from Facebook and 15 through Twitter.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received any traffic through Pinterest yet.

22 sessions came in directly. I can assume that it was myself and some emails I sent out to my email list.
7 sessions were organic. What exactly this means, I’m not sure yet. It can’t really be from Google itself since I don’t rank just yet.
and the last 3 sessions came in through referral. This was an app from Convertkit and Bloglovin.

Out of my 326 page views, my most visited pages were:

Bedroom Startup directly: 140 (42,94%)
How to find the best web host for your WordPress blog: 70 (21,47%)
About page: 38 (11,66%)

Social followers:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, from the beginning of the concept of the Bedroom Startup, right before purchasing my domain name, I already checked if the social media names were still available and claimed all of them.

So I already have my Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram handle and Pinterest account. I also have my Snapchat name.
But at this moment I will work on my Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest account, although Pinterest isn’t really a social media channel.

So here are my social media followers:

Facebook: 64 Likes:
Twitter: 220 followers
Instagram: 61 followers
Pinterest: 99 followers.

As you will see in my goals, I will mainly go focus on Pinterest, since it can bring a lot of new visitors to my blog.
I will also really start focusing more on my Facebook page and Instagram account.

Although I find it quite difficult to come up with content for Instagram. The blogging niche isn’t really a very graphical niche. So I will come up with quick tips and more inspirational content.

And as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think it’s all so much about the number of followers, but more about the level of engagement on those platforms.

Email list:

As you know, I’m using Convertkit to build my email list.
The list is set up and I’ve got a few people on my list. I really appreciate them, because they signed up without me offering a freebie of some sort. So by signing up from the start, they were telling me that they were genuinely interested in my journey itself.

I do know that having a freebie will help me grow a lot, so that is something I will come up with this month as well.

As you can see I have 11 email addresses on my email list at this very moment, but 3 of them are myself. So I do have 8 unique people on my list. And a few of them signed up last year when I published my blog in September of last year. I started back then with Mailerlite but decided to use Convertkit recently.

I do know that most people say that money is in the list. Meaning the more people I will have on my email list, the more money I can make. But personally, I don’t necessarily believe that, because it’s more about the relationship with that person. The more value I will provide them, the more trust I will create between myself and the people on my list.

So I will really start engaging more with those people. Especially while I’m having a small list, it will be easier to help each and every one of them.

Blog income & expenses:

Running a blog always costs money, so this is what I’ve spent on my blog this last month:

Convertkit: $29
Google G-suite: $5

I’m using my Google G-suite account because I connected my email address from my blog to my Gmail account. This way I can handle all of my emails straight from my Google account.

This month I haven’t made actual money through my blog yet.
I did have 1 affiliate sale from Siteground, but it takes about 40 days before they will pay it out. So I won’t place it on this income report.

From last year September up until the launch of this blog, I did make 6 affiliate sales, which are 5 from Siteground and 1 from Elegant Themes. This is for the Divi theme.

So from Siteground, I got 5 x €40,- and from Elegant themes, it was $40.
But the $40 from Elegant themes was not paid out just yet because I need to make a minimum of 2 sales before they actually pay out.
So the next affiliate sale from Elegant themes will start the payout process, but I might be able to show you that in my next income report.

Blog and Business goals for June:

As you can see I still have a lot of work to do.

Although it was scary to actually launch my blog, I’m proud I’ve done it. Even if it was just with 1 post.
I know it’s not the average number of posts most people will recommend, but I find myself only procrastinating when thinking about it. So I decided to just go live with 1 post and move from there.

As mentioned earlier, I will focus more on my Facebook page and Instagram account and Pinterest, for when it comes to Social Media.

I will go sit down by the end of the week and create Facebook posts for the upcoming week and plan them out on my Facebook page itself.

When it comes down to Instagram, I signed up for Later. I want to start posting 1 time a day, just to create that momentum. And with Later I will be able to create 30 posts a month for free.

I already set up my Pinterest profile and created the right boards. What I will do is create better SEO optimized board descriptions, so that my boards will be easier found through search.
I will also pin more on a daily basis so that the Pinterest smart feed will love me more.
When it comes down to pinning, I will use the 80-20 rule, meaning 80% of my pins will be curated content and 20% my own. This is generally a good ratio for posting content to help you get great information.

During the month of June, I also want to finish up a great freebie to encourage more people to sign up for my email list. I will create a blogger preparation guide, that will explain everything that you will need to do before launching your blog.

So make sure to keep your eye out for that, but don’t let that stop you from signing up right now. If you sign up for my email list now, I will give you the link to the freebie as soon as it comes out.

I will also go publish 4 new articles this month. 1 each week and I want to create a system for doing that. Not only will I need to write 4 posts, but also design the images for it and do the promotions for it.
So if you find income reports like this one valuable, feel free to share this with other people you think will find this helpful.

Ok, let’s talk income… 2 out of 4 articles I will post will be based around affiliate products. This doesn’t mean I will create content filled with affiliate links, but those will be helpful tutorials introduction posts around products or services that will help you grow your blog.

I will also start offering blog tech support to start my freelancing work. I never consider myself to be a blog expert, but I’m always hungry to solve tech problems. I’ve had this with computers before and this continued with WordPress and everything around blogging.

So the natural course of action for me would be to offer tech support when you or anybody who needs it, is stuck on the tech side of things and I can offer my help to solve your issues. This is a good way for me to make some extra income online and I will be able to do this all online, so I can help you wherever in the world you are.

So I will create a separate services page for this and you will see this soon on my blog.

I also want to create a better homepage. Now it will show my posts, but I want to create a more branded homepage which shows you exactly what this blog is all about and has links to every section that might interest you.

So as you can see, I will have a lot of work to do this month and in next month’s traffic and income report, I will show you which of these goals are made and which not.

I apologize if this was kind of a long post, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it. I am considering creating a video to guide you through my Google Analytics. Just to give you more insight in all of the numbers.

If you would like that, make sure to let me know in the comments below. I promise I will respond to every comment.

And off course, if you would like to see something specific in my report, let me know and I will do my best to show that in my next report.

For now, have a productive week and just know, you’re not alone. If you ever want to discuss something or need feedback, sent me an email and I will get back to you.

Yours truly,


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If you want to keep track of the growth of your blog, it's important to know where you are starting from. So in this post, I will share my first blog traffic and income report.