As you know, my goal is to build smaller niche blogs that each bring in passive income through affiliate marketing for starters.

So I just started my very first niche blog project and it’s called The Wireless life.

make passive income through niche blogs

The Wireless life will be my blog where I share content around wireless and smart home technology. I believe this is a great topic to write about for multiple reasons.

  1. It’s a popular topic and the world of smart technology will only get bigger. Nowadays you can control your home with smart remotes, your lighting, cameras, etc. And in the future, I believe everything in our home will be smart. From your refrigerator to even your clothing.
  2. Because Smart technology is such a big market, there are plenty of products and product categories to write about. When I checked Amazon for smart and wireless products, there were so many products for sale and each item that I will suggest in my content can bring in a significant amount of affiliate income.

On this blog, The Bedroom Startup, I will share my beginning and my results of each niche blog project. When I will build my first traffic, where they are coming from up to my costs of the blog and the income I’m making from it.

I want to do all this because there are a lot of people who don’t really believe in the fact that you can make money from your blog and I’m here to proof you wrong.

Last week I purchased the domain name through my Siteground hosting account and move from there.

What I love about Siteground is that I can add the SSL certificate for free for each domain name that I purchase.
If you’re planning on creating your blog, you can buy your Siteground hosting package here. (Affiliate link).

From purchasing the domain, I will set up WordPress on it and install the Divi theme. The reason I’ll be using Divi is that I bought the lifetime membership account and it will allow me to use on any site that I’ll be creating. And besides, it works beautifully and has a lot of features built in.

You can check out Divi from Elegant Themes by clicking here (affiliate link)

If you want, I can create a more in-depth tutorial on how I set up the entire blog and connect things like Google analytics and other things together. Let me know in the comments and I will get to it.

Now, I’m not going to focus too much on stuff like Social Media. My strategy to build my audience will be mainly based on SEO and Pinterest.

With SEO  I mean finding the right long-tail keywords and find topics that people are actually searching for. And create my content around those things.

I will be honest though. This is a long-term strategy. I’m not expecting to build a large audience within the next month. But the goal here is to build and grow my audience month by month mainly by creating good content. I will not create backlinks by guest posting and things like that.

I know what you’re thinking. Most big bloggers tell you to go create webinars, start guest posting, post on all the Social media accounts multiple times a day, etc. But my goal here is to build a more passive income niche site. And my strategy is to build a lot of long-form blog posts that in time will bring in a steady amount of traffic each month.

And your audience is the most important part of your blog anyway. Once the traffic comes in, I can always add social media accounts along the way and build my email list.

The reason I do start with using Pinterest is because Pinterest isn’t a social media account, but more of a visual search engine like Google. If someone visits my blog and pins my post to one of their boards, it has the potential to go viral and attract more visitors.

Blog income goal:

For this niche website to succeed, I know I need to set some specific goals.
I know that, if I’m writing the right content, it will take about 6 to 8 months to start seeing good results when it comes to traffic.

I set my income goal for The Wireless life to bring in $1000 a month by March of 2019. So that’s in 1 year. And all of this would be mainly through the Amazon affiliate program.

When it comes to traffic, I want my blog to bring in 10.000 pageviews a month by March of 2019.

So exciting times are coming and if you’re interested to find out how things will go, I will suggest you to follow along with me and you can even start your own niche blog yourself. And share each other’s results.

If you want me to cover some specific topics that I might forget, let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to add those to my results.

To be clear, The wireless life is my first niche project, but won’t be my last. The goal is to build multiple niche blogs that each bring in an amount of profit that will allow me to quite my full-time job and have more time freedom and eventually allow me to move to Thailand to live with my wife.

I will keep you posted.

Yours truly,


Would you like to make passive income by building smaller niche websites? 
Then allow me to show you exactly how I'm doing this from scratch. I just started my very first niche blog project and I will share everything that goes into building one from scratch up to making good passive income with it.